Who I Am And Why Am Here

Am Perista Mamadi. I come from Ewena Village, along the northwest coast of Misima Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

I come from a family of three siblings, one sister and a brother. I am the last born of the three siblings. Both our parents have moved on in life.

My big sister was pulled out of school when she was in grade three. She never went back to school. By then she already knew how to read and write in English. As I was growing up I manage to look through some of her work and even came across books that were her award in school. It was then that I worked out that she was a smart and bright girl. If she had not been withdrawn from school she would have done well for herself.

My big brother is a graduate from then Goroka Teachers College with a Diploma in Education. Today the school is now University of Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. He taught in High Schools in Central, Milne Bay and East New Britain Provinces before resigning from Teaching. He now resides in the village.

I attended Bwagaoia Primary School to do grades one to six. The school is in Bwagaoia Station, District Head Quarters of Samarai – Murua District. I had to leave the comfort of my parents and my home to live with my new family to go to school. I passed grade six national examination and was selected to do grades 7 to 10 at Cameron High School from 1982 to 1985. Today the same school has become Cameron Secondary School enrolling Grades Nine to Twelve.

At the end of Grade 10, I passed the national grade 10 examination and was selected to attend Passam National High School to do Grades 11 and 12. Passam is in East Sepik Province, far north west from Milne Bay Province where I come from.

At the end of grade 11 every student will have to choose courses or subjects to take up in grade 12 based on grade 11 academic performance. English is compulsory but choose Math A or Math B in combination with Science and Social Science courses.

I scored 50% in Math in Grade 11 but scored well in all science subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. With 50% in math am an average student by academic standard. At consultation with my Guidance Teachet it was a dillema for the Teacher because I boldly told the Teacher that I will do all Science Courses with Math A. The Teacher could not convince me to do Math B.

I manage to score enough internally in grade 12 to convince the Principal and my Class Teacher to enter University in the following year. I filled the School Leavers Form to study Bachelor of Agriculture Science at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Lae, Morobe Province.

However, after I filled in the School Leavers Form I asked my Manus brother Otto So’on and classmate where the Medical Doctors in Papua New Guinea train. He advised at the University of Papua New Guinea.

I paused and he asked you want to do Medicine? I said not really but I should try. He encouraged me and I went back to see the Principal to change the choice from Papua New Guinea University of Technology to University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG). He asked so what course do you want to do at UPNG and I responded Science Foundation. He asked again so what will you do after Science Foundation and I responded Medicine. He looked into my face with the facial expression that with the kind of accademic internal assessment result I am making a wrong choice. I will not do well. Mind you he was not doubting my ability but he wants to ensure that I do well after grade 12. He felt that Agriculture Science was the best choice over Science Foundation.

I insisted so I made the change. Sure enough at Science Foundation, I struggled and failed Foundation Math. That made me failed the year as Math was a year long course and that I repeat Science Foundation the following year. I did repeat the year and in 1990 I was in Year II Medicine. Science Foundation was counted year one.

In year two I withdrew from school due to personal reasons but re-enrolled in 1992 and completed the course in 1995. I graduated with Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 1996.

In 2002 I applied and was accepted by School of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPNG to do Master of Medicine in Surgery. I failed Part One and to repeat in 2003. However, I misunderstood the enrollment process so missed out and re-enrolled in 2004 and completed the course in 2007 and graduated in 2008 with Master of Medicine in Surgery.

After a short practice of Surgery today I live in Alotau Town with my wife and children. Twin girls and two boys. Am the Director of Curative Health Services in Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority. My responsibility covers clinical health services in Milne Bay Province. I am also the Technical Advisor to the Board, Member of the Senior Executive Management and Chairman of the Patient Care Committee.

I am also the Motivational Speaker at Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority sanction Personal/ Professional Development Program. Am also member of the Alotau Misima Community and also member of United Church of Papua New Guinea Koeabule Congregation.

To blog is challeging because I first need to understand terms used in blogging and internet. However, that also make writing exciting since everything becomes part and parcel of writing or blogging.

I love writing to express my emotion, my thoughts and view of life. I came across WordPress in internet which has given me the opportunity to pursue my interest.

My blog is titled Amazing Story Amazing Life. It tries to cover my journey in life, the challeges, experiences and success.

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