When you believe in something, do it. Don’t procrastinate. Do not allow your mind to be controlled by people who have not been in the business.

You find that people who have not been in the business will offer advise and most interestingly they will tell you all the things that made the business failed.

When you asked them if they have been in the business and this is their response, a BIG NO.  So you wonder what makes them know the business will not work. The reality is they have not tried so they know nothing about success.

Do not waste your time with negative people. Every opportunity has its own challenges but it does not mean it’s not it will not work.

The challenges are for various reasons;

  1. To ensure proper research
  2. To ensure proper consultation
  3. To ensure enough time to prepare well
  4. To raise enough capital

The list is long but above are just few examples of why there are challenges in the opportunities. If you think carefully about the challenges basically it is to bring the best out of you and not the best out of other people.

So if you look closely why opportunities fail because you close or suppress the best in yourself. Many people think that there opportunities are in others but the reality is not. The best for anything is in the thing. Hence the best for you is in you. Not in your father, mother or anyone else.

Don’t go looking for opportunities in others. It is in you.

When you start it will be quite a struggle because it’s not working out the way you see it and want it. This is an opportunity to look within yourself and take stock of what you have done and where you could have gone wrong.

It gives an experience of self-assessment and in the process correcting the wrong, bringing the best out of you and building confidence in you and now you are self-discovering yourself.

Now you telling yourself oh I can’t do this. And when you talk to people you will say seriously I did not know I possess this in me or I didn’t know I can do this. One of the truths is that you probably did not spend time trying to know your own potential.

Many people spend time trying to know others that they don’t have time for themselves. Do not be like them.

Spend time in the things that bring opportunities. Surround your life with people who will build you up and not bring you down. Know the challenges and deal with them each at a time.

One day is like 1000 years and 1000 years is like one day. What does it mean? Time is important when you have a target. But its immaterial when it comes to success. You do not measure success but in results you do.


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