Past Present Future

Past forms the present and present shapes the future. How we live the present is because of our past experience. Our experience influence our present all the time and shapes or determines our future.

Present does not change but not the same with past and future.

Past can mean one minute ago, one hour ago, one day or many years as far back as the memory can take you.

It is the same with future. It can mean one minute into the future, one hour, one day or years into the future your dream can take you too.

Present is the moment you are in. It does not change. One minute gone by is now the past and one minute ahead is into the future.

You will observe that many people people like to talk about the past every time they encounter a challenge. They like to talk of the good things that they do as oppose to the bad things that happen and the challenges that it brings. These people will continue to talk on and on comparing past and present.

Not only they talk about the past but even go onto talk about the current strategic people who are not doing what use to be done that attracts and brings in the results with positive outcome and impact.

If you observe with interest and purpose these people physically live in the present but holistically live in the past. If you go on to find out more about them they talk to much, compare to much, not much achievement in their personnel and professional life. There head is full of bright ideas but their heart is empty. They surround themselves with power in fear of been dethroned. They become the brick wall to progress and nothing can be achieve under their leadership.

There is always a reason not to achieve something that does not need many resources to achieve.

There are many of these people around are in government offices, private sector and also amongst the every day people. They are very charismatic and christian. They occupy positions that are strategic but are the hindrance to impact outcomes to improve indicators of the organization. They influence common people and promote cargo cult mentality. They talk change do do not do change. They cannot take risk. They use every policy and law to stop progress.

Be mindful and aware that talking about good things in the past makes you live in the past. You have cancelled your opportunities that are present in the challenges before you. In the challenges are the success that we dream off, the house that we want to have, the car that we want to drive, the money we want to have, the service we want to receive and provide.

Those that concentrate on the challenges before them spend less time talking, less time talking history, less time contemplating but get busy on analysing the challenge before them. They have not time to walk back to the past that brings them the current situation and experience. In their mind and spirit they walk into the future. They go there and see the things they want. They come back and start planning the success and riches that they already achieved but let to come to pass by physical manifestation of what was in store in their minds, their hearts.

Live in the present and walk the future. Never allow past to hold your future back.

Continue to move forward. Take risk if you can’t make firm decision. Its okay if it does not bring the best result. Do not forget success is always in the challenges before you and the risk you take.

Be Blessed. Happy Reading. Enjoy.

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