Family is both nuclear and extended in my culture. Extended family includes any person outside of clan bloodline but accepted based on friendship and goodwill.

Family is a home where all life skills are taught and learnt to live independently. It is where growing up begins both physically, mentally and spiritually. It is where the course is set for the future.

Many are guided well and foundations to success begins at home and the rest is added through school and appropriate associations.

We all appreciate the values and value of our own nuclear family and we want it generational through our very own. We know and recognize the challenges that come with it but the value of having your own at the right time out weighs the challenges. Actually the challenges builds the bonds and bridges to tighten and strengthen the family relations and ties.

It is a blessing indeed been a family member and having a family of your own and be the bloodline of the next generation.

You look back at history and appreciate and value the values of the family that has become the success and riches of your own and is now passed to the next generation. In your heart you know that when it becomes generational the success of the future generation is secured and believe it will be generational.

By then you are a history just like your predecessors but the values, success and riches forever renewed and refresh.

For every good thing there is a source. I believe in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. The success of any family is because of God.

We that we thank God for every thing.

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