Who I Am And Why Am Here

Am Perista Mamadi. I come from Ewena Village, along the northwest coast of Misima Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

I come from a family of three siblings, one sister and a brother. I am the last born of the three siblings. Both our parents have moved on in life.

My big sister was pulled out of school when she was in grade three. She never went back to school. By then she already knew how to read and write in English. As I was growing up I manage to look through some of her work and even came across books that were her award in school. It was then that I worked out that she was a smart and bright girl. If she had not been withdrawn from school she would have done well for herself.

My big brother is a graduate from then Goroka Teachers College with a Diploma in Education. Today the school is now University of Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. He taught in High Schools in Central, Milne Bay and East New Britain Provinces before resigning from Teaching. He now resides in the village.

I attended Bwagaoia Primary School to do grades one to six. The school is in Bwagaoia Station, District Head Quarters of Samarai – Murua District. I had to leave the comfort of my parents and my home to live with my new family to go to school. I passed grade six national examination and was selected to do grades 7 to 10 at Cameron High School from 1982 to 1985. Today the same school has become Cameron Secondary School enrolling Grades Nine to Twelve.

At the end of Grade 10, I passed the national grade 10 examination and was selected to attend Passam National High School to do Grades 11 and 12. Passam is in East Sepik Province, far north west from Milne Bay Province where I come from.

At the end of grade 11 every student will have to choose courses or subjects to take up in grade 12 based on grade 11 academic performance. English is compulsory but choose Math A or Math B in combination with Science and Social Science courses.

I scored 50% in Math in Grade 11 but scored well in all science subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. With 50% in math am an average student by academic standard. At consultation with my Guidance Teachet it was a dillema for the Teacher because I boldly told the Teacher that I will do all Science Courses with Math A. The Teacher could not convince me to do Math B.

I manage to score enough internally in grade 12 to convince the Principal and my Class Teacher to enter University in the following year. I filled the School Leavers Form to study Bachelor of Agriculture Science at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Lae, Morobe Province.

However, after I filled in the School Leavers Form I asked my Manus brother Otto So’on and classmate where the Medical Doctors in Papua New Guinea train. He advised at the University of Papua New Guinea.

I paused and he asked you want to do Medicine? I said not really but I should try. He encouraged me and I went back to see the Principal to change the choice from Papua New Guinea University of Technology to University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG). He asked so what course do you want to do at UPNG and I responded Science Foundation. He asked again so what will you do after Science Foundation and I responded Medicine. He looked into my face with the facial expression that with the kind of accademic internal assessment result I am making a wrong choice. I will not do well. Mind you he was not doubting my ability but he wants to ensure that I do well after grade 12. He felt that Agriculture Science was the best choice over Science Foundation.

I insisted so I made the change. Sure enough at Science Foundation, I struggled and failed Foundation Math. That made me failed the year as Math was a year long course and that I repeat Science Foundation the following year. I did repeat the year and in 1990 I was in Year II Medicine. Science Foundation was counted year one.

In year two I withdrew from school due to personal reasons but re-enrolled in 1992 and completed the course in 1995. I graduated with Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 1996.

In 2002 I applied and was accepted by School of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPNG to do Master of Medicine in Surgery. I failed Part One and to repeat in 2003. However, I misunderstood the enrollment process so missed out and re-enrolled in 2004 and completed the course in 2007 and graduated in 2008 with Master of Medicine in Surgery.

After a short practice of Surgery today I live in Alotau Town with my wife and children. Twin girls and two boys. Am the Director of Curative Health Services in Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority. My responsibility covers clinical health services in Milne Bay Province. I am also the Technical Advisor to the Board, Member of the Senior Executive Management and Chairman of the Patient Care Committee.

I am also the Motivational Speaker at Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority sanction Personal/ Professional Development Program. Am also member of the Alotau Misima Community and also member of United Church of Papua New Guinea Koeabule Congregation.

To blog is challeging because I first need to understand terms used in blogging and internet. However, that also make writing exciting since everything becomes part and parcel of writing or blogging.

I love writing to express my emotion, my thoughts and view of life. I came across WordPress in internet which has given me the opportunity to pursue my interest.

My blog is titled Amazing Story Amazing Life. It tries to cover my journey in life, the challeges, experiences and success.


When you believe in something, do it. Don’t procrastinate. Do not allow your mind to be controlled by people who have not been in the business.

You find that people who have not been in the business will offer advise and most interestingly they will tell you all the things that made the business failed.

When you asked them if they have been in the business and this is their response, a BIG NO.  So you wonder what makes them know the business will not work. The reality is they have not tried so they know nothing about success.

Do not waste your time with negative people. Every opportunity has its own challenges but it does not mean it’s not it will not work.

The challenges are for various reasons;

  1. To ensure proper research
  2. To ensure proper consultation
  3. To ensure enough time to prepare well
  4. To raise enough capital

The list is long but above are just few examples of why there are challenges in the opportunities. If you think carefully about the challenges basically it is to bring the best out of you and not the best out of other people.

So if you look closely why opportunities fail because you close or suppress the best in yourself. Many people think that there opportunities are in others but the reality is not. The best for anything is in the thing. Hence the best for you is in you. Not in your father, mother or anyone else.

Don’t go looking for opportunities in others. It is in you.

When you start it will be quite a struggle because it’s not working out the way you see it and want it. This is an opportunity to look within yourself and take stock of what you have done and where you could have gone wrong.

It gives an experience of self-assessment and in the process correcting the wrong, bringing the best out of you and building confidence in you and now you are self-discovering yourself.

Now you telling yourself oh I can’t do this. And when you talk to people you will say seriously I did not know I possess this in me or I didn’t know I can do this. One of the truths is that you probably did not spend time trying to know your own potential.

Many people spend time trying to know others that they don’t have time for themselves. Do not be like them.

Spend time in the things that bring opportunities. Surround your life with people who will build you up and not bring you down. Know the challenges and deal with them each at a time.

One day is like 1000 years and 1000 years is like one day. What does it mean? Time is important when you have a target. But its immaterial when it comes to success. You do not measure success but in results you do.


Opportunity in Rejection.

Have you ever been rejected for whatever the reason?

For many rejection crushes their world.

For some rejection means not been loved, not been appreciated, not been accepted.

Rejection could mean death. Death in success, death in progress or physical death as in suicide.

So for nearly majority of the people rejection means end of every thing. End of life.

Rejection is every thing negative.

However, there are others who embrace rejection.

Rejection is an opportunity for them.

Rejection creates space for new thinking.

Rejection creates time for creativity

Rejection creates innovation

Rejection creates pathway for and to succeed

Rejection becomes the foundation for new beginning

Rejection becomes the opportunity to dream dreams

Rejection becomes the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rejection provides the opportunity for holistic independence.

Rejection provides the environment to do self searching and researching.

Whenever you are Rejected count it a Joy

Whenever you are Rejected count it a Blessing

Whenever you are Rejected hold onto your Peace

Whenever you are Rejected build your Attitude

Whenever you are Rejected it is an opportunity to help someone Progress

Whenever you are Rejected it is an opportunity to help someone Succeed

Whenever you are Rejected it is an opportunity to Success.

Embrace rejection. Whenever you are rejected it is okay to feel hurt, feel not been respected, feel not been loved. Whatever the feeling is it is okay.

What is important is that do not give Rejection the space to rob you from your success, your opportunity to start your journey to succeed.

Always remember that rejection is not about people outside of you. It is about you.

The Car that you Dream about is locked in Rejection

The House that you Dream about is locked in Rejection

The Money that you Dream about is locked in Rejection

The new Friends that you meet who will make you stand on their shoulders and have a better view of life is locked in Rejection.

Whenever you are Rejected go on your knees and offer a prayer of gratitude to your God for the opportunity to build your Attitude to be a person that will Accept other People and make them the People of Worth with Value and Substance.

Remember there is Opportunity in Rejection.

Be Blessed.

Past Present Future

Past forms the present and present shapes the future. How we live the present is because of our past experience. Our experience influence our present all the time and shapes or determines our future.

Present does not change but not the same with past and future.

Past can mean one minute ago, one hour ago, one day or many years as far back as the memory can take you.

It is the same with future. It can mean one minute into the future, one hour, one day or years into the future your dream can take you too.

Present is the moment you are in. It does not change. One minute gone by is now the past and one minute ahead is into the future.

You will observe that many people people like to talk about the past every time they encounter a challenge. They like to talk of the good things that they do as oppose to the bad things that happen and the challenges that it brings. These people will continue to talk on and on comparing past and present.

Not only they talk about the past but even go onto talk about the current strategic people who are not doing what use to be done that attracts and brings in the results with positive outcome and impact.

If you observe with interest and purpose these people physically live in the present but holistically live in the past. If you go on to find out more about them they talk to much, compare to much, not much achievement in their personnel and professional life. There head is full of bright ideas but their heart is empty. They surround themselves with power in fear of been dethroned. They become the brick wall to progress and nothing can be achieve under their leadership.

There is always a reason not to achieve something that does not need many resources to achieve.

There are many of these people around are in government offices, private sector and also amongst the every day people. They are very charismatic and christian. They occupy positions that are strategic but are the hindrance to impact outcomes to improve indicators of the organization. They influence common people and promote cargo cult mentality. They talk change do do not do change. They cannot take risk. They use every policy and law to stop progress.

Be mindful and aware that talking about good things in the past makes you live in the past. You have cancelled your opportunities that are present in the challenges before you. In the challenges are the success that we dream off, the house that we want to have, the car that we want to drive, the money we want to have, the service we want to receive and provide.

Those that concentrate on the challenges before them spend less time talking, less time talking history, less time contemplating but get busy on analysing the challenge before them. They have not time to walk back to the past that brings them the current situation and experience. In their mind and spirit they walk into the future. They go there and see the things they want. They come back and start planning the success and riches that they already achieved but let to come to pass by physical manifestation of what was in store in their minds, their hearts.

Live in the present and walk the future. Never allow past to hold your future back.

Continue to move forward. Take risk if you can’t make firm decision. Its okay if it does not bring the best result. Do not forget success is always in the challenges before you and the risk you take.

Be Blessed. Happy Reading. Enjoy.


Family is both nuclear and extended in my culture. Extended family includes any person outside of clan bloodline but accepted based on friendship and goodwill.

Family is a home where all life skills are taught and learnt to live independently. It is where growing up begins both physically, mentally and spiritually. It is where the course is set for the future.

Many are guided well and foundations to success begins at home and the rest is added through school and appropriate associations.

We all appreciate the values and value of our own nuclear family and we want it generational through our very own. We know and recognize the challenges that come with it but the value of having your own at the right time out weighs the challenges. Actually the challenges builds the bonds and bridges to tighten and strengthen the family relations and ties.

It is a blessing indeed been a family member and having a family of your own and be the bloodline of the next generation.

You look back at history and appreciate and value the values of the family that has become the success and riches of your own and is now passed to the next generation. In your heart you know that when it becomes generational the success of the future generation is secured and believe it will be generational.

By then you are a history just like your predecessors but the values, success and riches forever renewed and refresh.

For every good thing there is a source. I believe in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. The success of any family is because of God.

We that we thank God for every thing.

Live a Visionary Life

Today is 2nd June 2019 and am up in the sky on an Air Niugini flight Px 155 from Alotau to Port Moresby. Fine morning with the sun out in the sky, patches of clouds and you can look right through to see the villages, reefs and very calm flat sea. A wonderful glorious morning view birds eye view speaks volumes of the grace of God.

Yesterday Saturday 1st June 2019 gale wind with rain hit Alotau Town. It rained whole day. My cousin brother Depp was quite worried that I will travel in bad weather the next day. With faith as I always have declared I always travel in good weather so do not worry about tomorrow. Rain will stop and sun will be up.

Waking up this morning it was still dull morning, no rain but with my faith in my God I knew it will be a fine day. I was out of bed before 6:00am and packed my bag. Head to the kitchen put the clean dishes away and prepared breakfast for the family.

At 8:00am my transport arrived for pick up and drop of at Gurney Domestic Terminal. I had to go to the Office first to pick up my working shoes and then to the Airport.

As we drove to the airport the sky began to clear and you could see the sun rays. It look so beautiful. It speaks the awesomeness and grace of the living God.

It was 8:40am when we arrived at the terminal. It was full and strangely I had to give space to some people to go ahead of me. By the time it was my turn there where only 4 seats left and I was quite worried but the I had to trust my faith. Finally I was allocated a seat confirmed with my boarding pass. I when straight to the boarding launch.

Not long boarding was called, checked and was sitting in the plane in readiness for the flight. With all the flight formalities we were in the sky. I looked out the window it was awesome, amazing, and beautiful. I could see clearly from the sky the sea, reef, forest, mountains, rivers and the villages.

The experience brought my memory back to my commitment to myself whilst a second year medical student in 1992 that I will serve my Country, the Government of the Day and the People.

I did not know and realize the significance of my commitment. With time as I progressed I remain faithful to my commitment.

Today I serve my Country, the Government and the Community. The commitment in 1992 has brought alot of challenges but importantly how blessed I have been in all spheres of life. The blessings are countless but this morning knowing that I will travel again in fine weather how much more can I ask. Many have lost their lives in flight but am here again travelling in comfort up in the sky.

When you live a Visionary Life you harvest all the best life can offer. Challenges are to form your today and shape your future.